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Global Environmental Database


DSI’s Global Environmental Database presents 1200+ up-to-date statistical time series indicators across up to 280 countries and regions worldwide.

DSI's Global Environmental Database brings together hard to find statistics on the environmental issues affecting our climate, our resources, our social communities:

  • Detailed data on energy consumption and emissions from fuel combustion
  • Water resources, land use, agriculture, farming, forestry and fishery
  • Human resources (population, education, skills)
  • Social conditions (health, sanitation, poverty, natural disasters)
  • Economic core indicators (GDP, production, trade, exchange rates)

DSI's Global Environmental Database is an indispensible source:

  • Identify trends across different countries
  • Compare one country's environmental situation and policies with another
  • Find out which countries are making efforts to protect their environment


The primary statistics have been researched from official information sources worldwide, especially international organisations:

E.g, the World Health Organisation, the United Nations and its specialized agencies, Eurostat and the European Environment Agency, the Energy Information Administration, International Monetary Fund, Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources, or the World Database on Protected Areas - WDPA Consortium.

Harmonised Data

Updated on a regular basis, DSI’s Global Environmental Database covers the years from 1980 onwards (if available). Most time series have been harmonised and forecasted by DSI up to 2014 wherever applicable, and finally merged into a single database for easy access and more comfortable research.


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